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About A Touch of Mink

Buying furniture new from a showroom dealer just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The minute you leave the showroom with your new item it has diminished in value to a tiny fraction of what you paid for it and within days will most likely be covered in pet hair, crayon markings or red wine. 

I didn’t ever want to get a pit in my stomach if my dog jumped up on my chair or my kids spilled their milk! 

My goal was never to have my home look like a random mismatched flea market, but also for it never to look like a sterile showroom floor or catalog page. Along the way I learned a ton and developed an eye for how all my pieces gathered from all my hunting could come together with a cohesive look. Now I want to pass my good fortune on to you. 

I have hand picked every item for A Touch of Mink with the thought that they can all work together to create a warm and friendly home. A home where you and your guests will feel welcome and relaxed. You will not find anything here that is ridiculoulsy priced.  Some finds are authentic vintage items. Some are reproduction.  But all are able to be mixed and matched and loved for years to come. They are classic. Call it upcycling, call it vintage, call it restyled, but never call it boring!

 I hope you enjoy shopping at A Touch of Mink as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you!

KiamaLise -founder